Who Should Be Ashamed, Rapist or Victim?

Who Should Be Ashamed, Rapist or Victim?

To start with, let’s ask ourselves this simple question:

Who is a Rapist?

A Rapist is someone who has committed RAPE.

And What is Rape?

RAPE is the act of forcing sexual intercourse upon another person without their consent or against their will; originally coitus forced by a man on a woman, but now any sex act forced by any person upon another person.

Who is a Victim?

A Victim is the one that is harmed, killed, injured, subjected to oppression, deceived, or otherwise adversely affected by someone or something, especially another person or event, force, or condition in particular.

What Is Shame?

This is uncomfortable or painful feeling due to recognition or consciousness of one’s own impropriety or dishonor or something being exposed that should have been kept private.

Let’s think of it, let’s talk it out: Have we ever seen any rapist the will come out and say proudly that “Yes I am the one that raped her”. The answer is definitely NO and why could that be?

The only reason and answer to the question above is No Rapist can boldly come outside and say he is a Rapist or he raped someone, this is because they are the ones that are ashamed for the act they have done or should I say the crime they have committed.

But we can see some strong ladies that will come outside and share their experience with what they have faced or facing due to the fact that they are being raped.

Sometimes they even come to public even though they might be reluctant at first but at last some still have the boldness to come out and say it loud.

From the discussion above it is the Rapist that should be ashamed and not the victim.

Reasons the Rapist Be Ashamed

Before doing things, have we ever thought of the outcome(result)?


As we all know that RAPE is a crime, therefore a rapist is a criminal and a criminal does not longer have value in the community/society. Someone with no value is someone with no reputation.

Therefore, a RAPIST will have no reputation again, even less or no respect from people in the environment. Not only the rapist or criminal will have no reputation but also all the family will suffer for it cause the person has spoil the family’s reputation also. The family’s name will be stained and no respect will be given again for such family.

So before we act, don’t let’s consider ourselves alone but also consider the family and think of what the end result might be!!!

NOTE: A good name is better than gold and silver.


Yeah I repeat again “CURSE”!!

People will be thinking that what does curse has to do with RAPE but I will tell you that curse has everything to do with RAPE.

Do you think the Rapist would be happy that she is Raped, even without her cursing you with her mouth, do you know that the tears on her face that very unfortunate day has already cursed the rapist? But come to think of it, it will be very rare in such a situation for the victim not to rain curses on the Rapist.

She and her creator (head) will definitely rain curses on the rapist and even his family and generations. Carrying Curse around is also a shameful thing to one.

Let not engage ourselves into the act that will bring curse unto us.

*Less of a Man:

Raping a lady will surely involve beating her heavily to make her weak to the extent that she won’t be able to struggle with you anymore and you will have your way.

Remember that everybody’s mentality is that once a man lay his hand on a woman, then he is less of a man and more of an animal.

Putting yourself in the act that does not look matured or should I say not applying maturity to whatever you are doing also makes a man less of a man (Young Lad).


The last one is about conscience. A Rapist should be ashamed because his conscience will no longer be innocent but rather guilty for the rest of his life.

When someone conscience is no longer there then the rate at which the person will be doing evil things will be very high because he will consider it as nothing wrong.

As time goes on, he would be seen as a hooligan to the society and soon the shame will come but he might not just decide to show it.

Trust me, some of these bad guys are ashamed of themselves sometimes but they just won’t show it because they don’t want to show their weakness.


Who Should Be Ashamed, Rapist or Victim?

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