What To Do And How To Take Good Care Of Oneself After Being Raped

What To Do And How To Take Good Care Of Oneself After Being Raped

What should we do after being raped!!

Even though RAPE cause everlasting bitterness and probably loss of hope in one’s life, it shouldn’t be the end of the world for such person (believe me I know the embarrassment and disgrace would want to tempt you to commit suicide).

Things to Do After Being Raped

*Create Awareness: The first thing to do after being raped is to create awareness.

What do I mean by creating awareness?

When I say create awareness, I don’t mean broadcasting it to the whole world since we all know how embarrassing and frustrating it could be but I simply mean people that are really necessary to inform mostly your parents, Family and Life Partner if you are in a relationship.

Reasons for creating awareness

The reason for informing your parent/family and not keeping it to your self is that parent and elders are much more experienced and come to think of it, there might be some ritual to be performed if such things happen in some family tree/generation. Therefore, if such ritual is not performed, bad omen might begin to show forth and evil things might begin to happen. We all know how African tribe is especially Nigeria tribe and their culture and apart from this even it might be part of some family taboos.

Another reason to inform your partner or boyfriend if you are in a relationship is just to clear your mind, build more trust and make the relationship more standard. Take for instance the guy later hear such news outside, how would you want him to feel, he will totally feel betrayed and speechless self outside, apart from that have you asked yourself what if such thing is against their family stuff (like a taboo for him) because people come from different background and sometimes what we count as nothing actually means something (I mean a lots). I know you might be scared of losing him, that is normal but I will tell you that if the guy actually loves you truly, he will surely stay with you no matter what, so far what happened isn’t anybody’s fault (at least she is RAPED and not a prostitute).

*Go to The Hospital: Another step to take after being raped is visiting the hospital, Since the sexual intercourse was not intentionally, it was forced so it’s better to visit the hospital to do some flushing of blood and sperm to prevent unwanted pregnancy and even some diseases that could be contacted from the rapist.

The Doctor over there might even have useful piece of advice he/she could give.

*Change Location if Necessary: This does not really need but might help in some situations.

In a situation whereby the environment the victim is living is a lousy and uneducated area, the people surrounded the environment might want to make jest of the victim, make it look as if it’s her fault, embarrass/disgrace her, make her look like an animal (non-human), blame her for what has happened to her, make her hopeless and therefor leads to frustration and so on.

When something like this arises, then the need to change environment might be necessary to start all over again and afresh, new place, new life, new memories, new happiness and so on.

*Always be among people that makes you happy: When something like this happened, like I said earlier that RAPE serves as an everlasting sorrow to the victim whenever she remembers.

Therefore, the only solution to this is always be among people that make you happy and bring joy into your life, you can also find something you like to do the most that makes you not to think. I mean tings you do to keep yourself busy and happy at the same time, it could be reading of novel or stories, playing video games, listening to music, eating and drinking, watching movies, doing laundry, going to or visiting places (like an adventure).

Just find that thing that makes you happy and do it always to avoid remembering or thinking of that unfortunate day.


Lastly, always remember that whatever happens to one, LIFE goes on. There shouldn’t be any reason to commit suicide over whatever we go through in Life. Life is like a lesson, we learn a lot from and finally move on. In this Life and After life, there is Life.

What To Do And How To Take Good Care Of Oneself After Being Raped

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