What Corruption can lead to in the Economy

What Corruption can lead to in the Economy

There are so many things corruption could lead to in the economy, I mean the bad effect of corruption in the economy.

Let us discuss them one after the other below:

*Unemployment: One of the thing corruption can lead to is unemployment in the economy. Unemployment can be defined as the state of having no job also known as joblessness.

When there is corruption in a country, surely there won’t be much job opportunities in such country especially for those people that don’t have connection to well-known people or people that don’t have much money in their family.

Corruption in a country would make companies to start selling positions of jobs to people that have the money or have the connection. The chief executive officer would even fill the company with children of politicians, wealthy people that does not even know about the job or the process into the position. Imagine someone that really suffers to go to school for quality education and at the end of the day after befitting graduation is unable to gain employment all because of no connection or not from a famous family background.

Corruption does not allow companies to employ people again based on what they have upstairs but instead employ based on what you can offer. If you are a guy, its either you come from a rich family background or have the connection and if you are a female, its either you gain the position with your body or with connection.

This has led to unemployment in many countries!!!

*Poverty: This is another bad effect of corruption in an economy. Poverty is the quality or state of being poor, lack of money.

Corruption always block the flow of money in the country therefore allows money not to circulate in the country. Do you know people that are involved in corruption are very greedy and their greediness won’t allow them to make money circulate within the country to reach everyone? They would want everything all for themselves, by themselves and to themselves.

Corruption has cause poverty in the country because it makes people that are rich to be richer and people that are poor to be poorer, meanwhile the rate of poor people in the country is much greater than the rate of the people that are rich in the country.

*Decrement in Population: Decrement means a small quantity removed or lost and population is the people living within a political or geographical boundary.

Therefore, decrement in population is yet another negative effect of corruption. When there is poverty and unemployment in the country, it shortens the life of citizens in one way or the other (meaning death) and that can lead to drastic decrement of population in the country.

*Underdevelopment in the Country: Underdevelopment in a country simply means having a low level of economic productivity and technological sophistication.

Corruption can affect the development of the country negatively and make is underdeveloped or not making it grow at all. This is because once those in control of the money in the country are corrupt then they must be definitely greedy and want to have everything to themselves therefore won’t spend a dime on the development or growth of the country.

Corruption has been seen as number one factor that hinders the development of the country meaning any country that is not developed then the leaders in the country are involved in corruption.

*Bad Government: Government can be defined as the body with the power to make and/or enforce laws to control a country, land area, people or organization.

Bad government is another factor that can be caused by corruption. Once there is corruption in the government, they won’t be able to speak the truth or do the right thing because their conscience will be dead by that time. All they would be thinking of is just about themselves (selfish interest).

So many countries have bad government nowadays all because of corruption and this has made lots to citizens to suffer and poor, not only the citizens even the country itself.

Bad government will lead to bad roads, lack of constant electricity, lack of bore hole, lack of job opportunities and so on. So how can a country grow or be developed without a good government. It is definitely not possible.

*Hunger: When we are talking about hunger, we mean a need or compelling desire for food.

Corruption in an economy has led to hunger for so many citizens and sometimes lead to death. Someone can no longer survive on his/her own in a country with corrupt leaders.

Imagine a country without job opportunities, no electricity, no good/enough food, how can a citizen or anybody survive in such countries. It will be very difficult to survive and even feed themselves.

This has really led too hunger in most homes and even causing death of some.

*Increment in Crimes: Increment simply means the action of increasing or becoming greater while crime means a specific act committed in violation of the law.

Lastly I would say corruption also leads to increment of crimes in a country because people don’t longer care or think before they act, all they want to do is to survive at all cost not minding the kind of work they get their hands into.

Since corruption leads to unemployment in an economy, the youth therefore engage themselves into different crimes just to survive and take care of their family such as stealing, scamming, internet fraud, arm robbery, kidnapping, hire killer, assassin, and so on like that.

All these acts increase the crimes in a country.


Even though corruption might be difficult to stop or end in a country but it can be reduced/compressed to its lowest level.

Let us all join hands together and say no to Corruption.


What Corruption can lead to in the Economy

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