Signs and Symptoms of a Poor Country: How to Identify a Poor Country

Signs and Symptoms of a Poor Country: How to Identify a Poor Country

What do we mean by poor country?

In this article, when we say poor country, we mean country that does not provide enough or meet the requirements of its citizens which are mostly under-developed and developing countries and even some countries that are developed are still poor in one way or the other,

Signs and Symptoms of a Poor Country

Below are some signs and symptoms that should be watched out for in order to identify a poor country:

*Lack of Natural Resources:

A country without its own natural resources is a poor country because natural resources is the first thing in the country that makes it grow and develop faster but I can say that there is no country without its own natural resources. God has blessed each nation with its own gift (natural resources), its only left in the hand of the leaders either to use it for the growth of the country or to abandon it.

Some countries are still poor despite the fact that they have rich natural resources because the leaders in the country are not using it for the development of the country instead they use it for their own gain and interest.

*No power supply:

The first thing that makes a country poor or first thing that can be used to identify a poor country is lack of power supply. Power supply plays a major role in a country and therefore should be constant in a country to make the developed and reduce poverty in it.

Power supply is very important and even compulsory in a country to make it developed because most utensils, equipment, and ideas cannot be implemented or work without constant power supply.

*Lack of Technology:

Another sign to notice in a poor country is the technology issues in it. Poor countries lack technology and are not updated in terms of it.

When a country is poor, the technology used too in it will be poor and outdated. Suh countries won’t have the opportunity to get things done easier, faster, efficient and getting more adequate result because these are the advantages of technology in the country and one’s life.

Technology makes life easier and fun.

*Bad Roads:

Bad roads are another thing to watch out for if you want to determine if a country is doing well or poor. Poor countries and bad roads are like 5 and 6 because there won’t be enough drainage system to collect water whenever there is a heavy rainfall and also there will be many potholes on the road that could all lead to accident in one way or the other.

Bad roads can lead to loss of life and major/minor injuries through accident, it can also lead to heavy traffic jam on the road which will not allow any movement of vehicles.

*No Job Opportunities:

In a poor country, there won’t be enough job opportunities (employment) because entrepreneur/business men will be scared to come establish or invest in such countries due to their own disadvantages.

Once there is no enough organization in a country, then there will not be employment and this could lead to poverty in such countries.


Poverty is another thing to watch out for in poor countries. Surviving will indeed be difficult in such countries and people die of hunger and diseases there since all of them are not well taken care of or feeding well.

*Inadequate Equipment in Hospital:

Poor country lacks big and standard hospitals that even the ones they manage to have might be small and not standard enough in terms of doctors and nurses that are working there.

The doctors and nurses working in such hospitals might not be well experienced, well educated, well trained and even lack standard and adequate equipment which might force them to do all things manually that might not even yield the best result they hope for.

Substandard hospitals are very common in poor countries and this has also led to the death of many people because they won’t be able to get the treatment that is needed except they are flown to other developed countries.

*Lack of Education and Learning Skills:

In poor countries, there is also no standard or enough schools that would educate the people in it. Therefore, most people in poor countries are uneducated or semi-educated

They also lack learning skills since they don’t have people to put them through things.


Signs and Symptoms of a Poor Country: How to Identify a Poor Country

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