Review On Rape And What It Really Is

Review On Rape And What It Really Is

Have we ever thought within us or has it ever come to our mind what rape could be?

To get started, what is Rape?

Before saying my view on Rape, do you know there are many marriages or relationship nowadays that involve rape without the knowledge of both partners?

As we have known that Rape can be defined as forcefully having sex with one another either with or without reason.

What people don’t know is that rape does not only happen outside relationship alone but also in relationships/marriages.

In relationships/marriages, Let’s take for example, a husband wants to have sex with his legal wife in the middle of the night or let us just say anytime, meanwhile the wife was complaining of one thing or the other telling him she is not in the mood but because of the urge or self-contentment that he couldn’t hold back, He then decided to force his legal wife and have sex with her. That can also be referred to as RAPE!!!

Outside relationships/marriages, young guys now turn rape into normal things.

Once a young guy just sees a lady on the street and they feel arouse, and got a negative response by talking to the lady. The next thing they can think of is just having sex with the lady forcefully which we call rape.

Rape has now become rampant since there is no serious punishment for it.

How Rape Act Should Be Treated!!!

I as an individual think Rape as a crime should follow a very severe punishment.

Few years in prison isn’t just enough as punishment to Rape but should be prolonged and more hard labor should be added.

Rape case should be handled with iron hand to reduce its crime or if possible stop it.

As a result of Rape, many women had unwanted pregnancy, therefore leading to shame for both mother and children.

Even increasing the population of a country unnecessarily.

Young kids have become fatherless because of this act sometimes turning them to orphanage and many Ladies have become single mother because of RAPE.

If this act is not treated with severity and seriousness, am sorry to say but it will continue forever because guys are seeing this as a no big deal stuff and getting what they want in a ladies’ body forcefully.

Imagine a guy approach a lady and the lady turn his request down, all he could think of is that the lady embarrass him and he would like to retaliate by embarrassing her back or give her the disgrace of her life, then he won’t even think twice before planning to join hands with some guys to capture the lady and mess her up really bad (RAPING).

Meanwhile freedom is for everybody, as u as a guy has the right and freedom to meet a lady to ask her out, the lady also has the right and freedom to accept if she likes or turn you down if she likes. I don’t just know why guys of nowadays would always take YES as an answer (Shey na by force). Think of it very well and let’s stop this act.

A lady cannot even walk alone in some street and at some hours of the day, its either she walks with a guy or she is escorted with a lot of friends.

Life is now becoming unsafe and dangerous for ladies, meanwhile we all have an equal right.

Back in the olden days, there was nothing like such. Should we say civilization might be part of the factor that cause this! Please don’t misquote me, am not saying civilization is wrong or its not beneficial, all am saying is that there is nothing with pros (advantages) that doesn’t have cons (disadvantage).

Lastly, this is the definition I like the most on RAPE, according to English dictionary RAPE is the act of forcing sexual intercourse upon another person without their consent or against their will, originally coitus forced by a man on a woman, but now any sex act forced by any person upon another person.

Looking at the definition above we would notice that rape is not only done by male alone but nowadays the act can be done either by male or female (or should we even say animals sometime, funny right!!)

Last message: Please let’s work hands in hands to stop this act, both male and female should be careful and well disciplined!!!

Review On Rape And What It Really Is!!!

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