Review on Corruption: A crime or Not

Review on Corruption: A crime or Not

Before I begin to share my review on corruption, I would like to define some terms below:

Corruption: This can be defined as the act of changing or being changed for the worse, departure from what is pure, simple or correct. It can also be defined as something originally good or pure that has turned evil or impure.

Crime: This can be defined as a specific act committed in violation of the law or any great sin or wickedness.

Looking at the definitions of both the terms “CRIME” and “CORRUPTION” above, we can see that both terms have something in common.

Our Review on Corruption

Corruption has gone rampant nowadays and seen as no big deal (nothing wrong), even do you know corruption is practiced mostly among the big men (I mean the rich, wealthy people, and even politician in the world) and they just use one business or the other to cover up.

Habits that makes Up Corruptions:

To consider if corruption is really a crime or not, Let’s check out the habits or acts that leads to corruption or involve in corruption.

Below is the list of habits that can be considered to lead to corruption.

*Stealing: This actually means to take illegally or without the owner’s permission, something owned by someone else.

Stealing is one of the habits involved in Corruption. Most people involved in corruption also involve in stealing because that wealth they are acquiring are not really for them alone, some wealth are to be distributed for the citizens in the country while some are for another people entirely.

But they engage in stealing which is departure from what is pure to acquire all the wealth for themselves which finally leads to corruption.

*Lying: This is an intentionally false statement, an intentional falsehood. It can also be a statement intended to deceive, even if literally true; a half-truth.

Lying is another factor that is involved in corruption. As we all know to go away with crimes committed r to hide crimes committed, then lies must be involved.

So many politician, rich/wealthy men that got their money from corruptions are all full of lies to cover themselves up and to deceive people to think that what they achieved is through the right means meanwhile it’s through corruption.

You cannot see a corrupt man that has not told many lies just for him to get himself covered of his crimes.

*Greediness: This is a selfish and excessive desire for more than is needed or deserved, especially of money, wealth, food, power, or other possessions.

This is another habit that leads to corruption. When one is not satisfied with what she/he has, then such person will be looking forward to acquire more wealth by all means even if it means through illegal way.

Corruption comes in when there is non-contentment because such person would also want to do what others are doing not minding the procedures or the process.

*Embezzlement: This means to steal or misappropriate money that one has been trusted with, especially to steal money from the organization for which one works. This can also be defined as the fraudulent conversion of property from a property owner.

When one is involved in embezzlement, there is a very high chance that the person would be interested the act of corruption soon, even if not now because embezzlement is just like corruption but a younger brother to corruption and everyone like to go higher in life. So there won’t be time that such a person wont graduate form embezzlement to corruption.

*Murder: This is the crime of deliberately killing another person without justification.

Murder is another factor of corruption. Murder and corruption work alongside each other (together).

Since everything in life is a game and it is the survival of the fittest, Murder has become a major aspect of corruption so as to put down their competitors down.

When we talking about murder, it is not necessary for the people in the game to do it themselves rather they give the dirty jobs to polluted youths in the society to do it for them.

Killing has now become essential in the game of corruption and people now see it as normal thing.


All the habits listed above are those things that leads to corruption and pollute the mind of youths / men in the world. Let us try our best to watch out for these habits and control them or better still overcome them in our lives.

With those Factors listed above, can it be concluded that CORRUPTION is a CRIME or NOT?

In my review, I would finally conclude that Corruption is a Crime and should be reduced if not eliminated at all means.

Review on Corruption: A crime or Not

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