RAPE: A Crime or Temptation and Its Causes

RAPE: A Crime or Temptation and Its Causes

Should We Consider Rape As Crime Or Temptation?

As the saying goes “Let’s call a spade a spade”

Some people tends to justify themselves by saying “it’s the devil’s handiwork” or “It’s temptation”.

RAPE shouldn’t be accepted as a mistake or temptation only but should be regarded as a CRIME and seriously dealt with.

When we speak of temptation, I can proudly say 100% of human beings face different kind of temptation every day yet some overcome and some fall into it.

If some can overcome, then trust me everybody can overcome it. Temptation will go and come, it’s you and your behavior that will remain o.

According to English dictionary RAPE is the act of forcing sexual intercourse upon another person without their consent or against their will, originally coitus forced by a man on a woman, but now any sex act forced by any person upon another person.

Looking at the definition above, Since RAPE involve forcing sexual intercourse upon another person without their consent or against their will, and we know that to force is a crime because it involves taking what does not belong to us without permission.

Let us take a look at the definition of Temptation and Crime

Crime: This is the specific act committed in violation of the law.

Temptation: This can be referred to as the pressure applied to your thinking designed to create wrong emotions which will eventually lead to wrong actions.

Therefore, RAPE should be considered as temptation that leads to crime.

What can cause temptation which could lead to crime!

Let take a look about what is going on in the world today that could lead to the temptation we talking about and ways to overcome them.

*Pornography:  Believe the fact that says what we set our eyes on stays in our head and stick to the brain even more than what we read.

Watching pornography is now seen as normal thing in the world, People sometimes use it to satisfy urges for sex while some people claims that they use it to learn stuffs like styles and so on (that they want to stay updated and modern when it comes to having sex).

All these things actually stick to the brain and come as a flashback sometimes (what I mean by that is we think about what we watch sometimes and also would want to try it ourselves to see how it is and how it works) therefore, corrupting and polluting the mind and forcing us to do something we might not want to do sometimes not minding the result that will end with or that might lead to.

It’s part of the reason we might see an attractive lady passing by and would think about those sex styles watched earlier on, therefore leading to temptation and then the next thing that would come to the mind is that you want to try it with her or you might be like “Wow, see this beautiful lady, she will be very good in bed”. Within the blink of the eye all you would think of is having her by force if she doesn’t agree to your terms which would definitely lead to RAPE.

How to overcome this kind of temptation is simply by training the mind to be more matured and if possible reduce or stop watching what is corrupting the mind (Pornography).

*Indecent Dressing: You would all agree with me that what cause most rape is indecent dressing, ladies of nowadays don’t think of any other thing than to look beautiful and sexy (mind you am not saying looking good and attractive is wrong or sin) but the means they go about it is just so wrong.

Imagine ladies putting on clothes that does not even do the functions of clothes (I mean claiming to put on clothes and yet not covering her nakedness when the reason to put on clothes majorly is to cover our nakedness). Ladies now go too far to look attractive and sexy, putting on clothes that shows the share of their private part (vagina) and boobs (almost full breast) outside.

Ladies now abhor the culture of the Whites and want to dress like them forgetting that what works in one country might not work in another country. Please let’s stick to our culture here or better still do things moderately

This goes a long way because it makes guys feel arouse very quick and the one that doesn’t have full self-control over his body might misbehave and this could lead to RAPE.

How to overcome this kind of temptation is simply by having full self-control over our body and ladies should please dress moderately.

*Peer Pressure: Groups or people that we move around with have a lot to do in our lives. You can’t expect someone that move with billionaires to remain poor and someone that associate himself/herself with broke guys to be lifted up.

People with walk with matters a lot because they will become part of us and influence us the most either positively or negatively. If you move with smokers, you will definitely smoke one day. You move with rapist; you will definitely want to try it one day

How to overcome this kind of temptation is just to be careful with the kind of people we associate ourselves with

*Indiscipline: The kind of home we come from also tells a lot about us, we will surely make use of the training we given at home one day. That is majorly the reason parents should teach and discipline their children at home so they won’t grow up to become wayward or tarnish the name of the family.

Apart from parents teaching, a child should also grow to teach and discipline himself, this is just the only way to overcome temptation in this aspect.

*Environment: The place we grow or live also determines a lot on how we see things and react to things (Mentality). To avoid becoming a rapist we must live in a well conducive and responsible place. A place full or responsible and hardworking people will do and not a place full of hooligans and lazy people.

How to overcome this temptation is to live in a very nice and cool place


RAPE: A Crime or Temptation and Its Causes

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