Proposed weeding to hold today by 10am postponed for extra two hours as bride comes late to church weeding


Sudden incident as a bride comes late on her weeding day which was officially agreed by the couple to hold in a Winners chapel kabusa in a village in kabusa.

The weeding kicks off exactly at 10am with an opening prayer then praise and worship and so on.

But on the process of the wedding ceremony in the church the bride was been waited for 30 minutes after the wedding has kicked off but she’s no were to be found

After a while of waiting for the bride and which she didn’t show up, the service was shut down and she was been waited for until 12pm before she arrives.

After she arrives all of a sudden her mom stood to her face and started shouting at her, then one of the pastors called her and tell her not to be angry it’s her day and should not be started with a sad day.


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