Review On Poverty and Its Cause

Review On Poverty and Its Cause

What is Poverty:

Poverty can be defined as the quality or state of being poor, lack of money and being poor simply means with no or few possessions or money, particularly in relation to contemporaries who do have them.

Poverty has become so rampant in many countries today and people now find it very difficult to find solutions to it.

Causes of Poverty in an Economy:

Laziness: Laziness is the unwilling to do work or make an effort.

One of the problem we are facing nowadays that leads to poverty in an economy is people’s mentality (the way they think). People now use to quote “What will be will be” (meaning either they go out to work or not, if they are destined to be rich then they will be rich).

Come to think of it, even though you are destined to be rich, how can you make the money without working, how can you make money without meeting other people to show you the way and learn from it, how can you make money without doing your own research. Poverty will just kill such person.

Laziness has caused poverty in the country because people don’t want to work anymore before feeding themselves, all they are thinking of is shortcut to success (in which there is no shortcut to success that last longer than being successful through hardworking). In fact, shortcut has led people to committing different kind of crimes (doing things they are not supposed to do) such as money ritual, internet fraud, arm robbery, stealing, killing/committing murder and so on.

Unemployment: This is the state of having no job; also known as the phenomenon of joblessness in an economy.

Due to corruption which we have discussed earlier on this blog, most countries now lack job opportunities for the citizens in it. Unemployment has been the main reason for poverty in the country according to research.

After graduating from tertiary institution, youth now find it so difficult to seek a job for himself/herself in the country.

Apart from being lazy, so many youths have dedicated themselves to hard work but were not even opportune to be given a job in any company all because of no connection or no money to bribe.

Unemployment has really increased the rate of poverty in an economy.

Unstable/No Electricity: Unstable or no electricity in a country has also helped in increasing rate of poverty in such a way that even though there is no employment in the country, some decided to start their own personal business to avoid laziness or poverty.

But due to unstable or no electricity, they were unable to achieve their goals. The reason is the most if not all businesses requires constant electricity to run them efficiently such as blogging, digital marketing, free lancing jobs, graphics designing, selling of frozen foods, opening of barbing saloon and so on.

Therefore, countries without stable or no electricity will find it difficult to be developed and harbor poverty.

Corruption: This is the act of changing or being changed for the worse or departure from what is pure, simple or correct.

Corruption also plays a great role in the cause of poverty in an economy, when we talked about corruption in our previous post, we made mention of greediness.

One of the factor of corruption is greediness and once the leaders in a country is greedy, they will want everything (I mean everything) to become theirs alone. Imagine something that is enough for the citizens of a whole country to become just a person property. Their Greediness has led to poverty in the country because they don’t care about others and they don’t even see or care about what is going on in the country. They are so blindfolded by their own interest.

Overpopulation: This means a situation which occurs when the number of occupants of an area exceeds the ability of that area to provide for those occupants.

Overpopulation has also cause poverty in an economy. When the amount of citizens is much more that the resources in a country, this can lead to poverty because the resources won’t to enough to reach everybody in the country and some people will still lack.

This is the main reason why there should be control of child birth in an economy. Overpopulated country tends to suffer a lot from poverty such as China, India, Nigeria and so on.

The countries mention above is overpopulated and now affecting its economy stability and financial standard.

Curse: This is a supernatural detriment or hindrance more like a bane, it can also be defined as a prayer or imprecation that harm may befall someone.

This might sound funny but not everything happening to someone is physical, some might be spiritual.

Curse can also cause poverty in one’s life. When a person causes someone in agony and for justification, the such person caused might not succeed in life until he/she makes correction and ask for forgiveness.


Don’t say I am spiritual ooo, I am only writing based on experience on what is going on in the world. Always remember that inside life, there is life.


Review On Poverty and Its Cause

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