Possible Solutions To Poverty In The Economy

Possible Solutions To Poverty In The Economy

As we all know that there is no problem without solution on this earth.

Even though poverty cannot be eradicated in the economy but it can be reduced to its minimum.

Solutions to Poverty in the economy

The following are the solutions to reduce poverty in the economy:

*Hard work:

The first step to reduce poverty in one’s life is hard work. Hard work conquers poverty in one’s life if such person does not allow laziness to take over his/her life.

If we take a look at those successful men in the universe and ask them of their stories, all would say they started from somewhere till they get to where they are today. As long as we keep working and pushing hard, we will surely be successful one day so far we did not give up. I would say giving up is for lazy people.

Let’s have a goal, dream, target and work towards it without looking back until we achieve it.

Remember that success comes after hard work and not before hard work.

Work Hard, Work Smart and while working hard, let’s also learn from our mistakes and not repeat them in the future.

*Job Opportunities:

To reduce poverty in the economy, there should be enough job opportunities for the citizens in it.

If there could be lot of job opportunities and people can be employed easily without bribing or corruption, Poverty would be reduced in such countries because some people are really willing to work but they are always not given the opportunities.

The government in a country should take it as number one assignment to ensure job opportunities in the economy as this will really help in reducing poverty.

*Stable or Constant Electricity:

In a country without constant electricity, such country is bound to suffer from poverty because the place won’t be business oriented talk less of job opportunities in such place.

Constant electricity draws business men to settle down and establish their business in such countries thereby creating more job opportunities for citizens.

Apart from creating more job opportunities, it will also create advantages for people to establish their own business and become their own boss. There are so many people that are creative and have different business ideas but lack of power will not make them establish their business or make their dreams come true.

*Control of Population:

If the population in a country can be controlled, poverty will also be reduced and controlled in such place because one population is controlled then the resources in the economy will be almost enough for everybody in the country.

Population in a country should be an important factor to be considered when it comes to things affecting a country negatively and it can be controlled in several ways such as restriction on those coming into the country from another country, enforcing birth control among people/citizens in the country.

*Good Government:

Good government is part of the solution to poverty, once the leaders in the country can be dependent and truthful in every decision they make, there would really be great progress in such country.

Poverty in an economy starts and ends with the government in the country.


Like it was said in our previous post on the cause of poverty that curse can also lead to poverty in the spiritual aspect, therefore the only solution in such case is prayer to overcome poverty that is caused by curse in one’s life.

Note: Prayer is always the key to success anyway.


When there is no poverty in a country, such countries will grow faster in term of development because everybody will be living fine and would be willing to contribute to the development of the economy even businessmen would like to invest in such countries and that would also favor the development of the country because it will create more job opportunities there and give room for people to work the more.

Poverty has really sent so many people to their early graves and also made lot of people turned themselves into criminal. This is getting very rampant and should be handled and taken care of as part of the highest priority in the economy.


Possible Solutions To Poverty In The Economy

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