Ladies Too Now Rape, What Has The World Turned Into?

Ladies Too Now Rape, What Has The World Turned Into?

Is It Only Guys That Rape?

Gone are the days where reports of only Guys raping Ladies is being made.

We all know that when the act of Raping started, the act was found mostly in guys ganging up to rape a woman or a guy beating a lady up until she is weak and rape her.

I will definitely tell you today that do you know that it’s not only guys that rape nowadays? Even girls now come together as one to rape guys.

Should we say this is also because of civilization or urges? In fact, I will rather say what is happening in the whole world is real beyond anybody’s knowledge, no one really can predict what next can happen in the world!!!

Ladies also are now Raping

As we are all aware of what is going on in the world nowadays, there has been so many reports saying that Ladies too are now ganging up to rape a guy.

This shouldn’t be so surprising though since ladies are now even into cultism then ladies can now do anything guys can do. I think they are all following the adage that says “What a Man can do, a Woman can do better

Imagine a lady just set her eyes on a very cute, tall, handsome guy on the street and all she could imagine or think of is how she can get that man to lay with her; as we all know ladies with their different deceit style, she would then try all her best to get the man attention to lay with her. If that fails, then the thought of Raping comes in.

Methods Ladies Use in Raping Guys

There are two major methods ladies use to rape a guy, we will discuss them below:

*Getting Him Drunk: This is the most common method that ladies actually use to rape a guy. They already know that once one is drunk, he/she is not in her normal state and does not even know what he/she is doing. Many Ladies have used this method to get what they want and this method is common in the club and homes.

*Getting Him Drugged: Being drunk is quite different form being drugged. Getting someone drugged can be done either by putting it inside food or inside drinks. There are so many drugs that weakens the body or make the body high (I mean a state when you are very alright just like smoking weeds, sniffing cocaine or so). There are even some drugs that makes one sleep off time some times.

Ladies normally use any of the above method to get guys drugged and achieve whatever they want to achieve at that particular moment.

*Ganging Up Against Him: A guy is enough to rape a lady because we all know a guy is stronger than a lady, so he can/will surely defeat the lady even when she tries to struggle.

Ladies surely know that only one of them is not enough to rape a guy under normal circumstances except she uses the above methods so they might decide to gang up against just only one man, they might be like three (3) – six (6) or even more depending on the capability and strength of the guy they want to rape. At least you can’t tell me a guy will defeat six (6) ladies carrying weapon even though he struggles, he might get hit and weakened until he is unable to fight or struggle again.

What Could Cause Ladies to Rape?


Pleasure can lead ladies to rape in the sense that once they set their eyes on their desired man, they would want to please themselves by getting the man to lay with them just to please them. Their body will start having urges for sex whenever they are with the guy.

Therefore, Ladies can rape a guy just for pleasure so they could please themselves and some could call it fun.

*Sex Freak:

Once a lady is a sex freak, then there is nothing she can’t do when the urge for sex comes because she would want to satisfy herself at that particular moment. Once this moment comes, the lady might be forced the guy around her at that particular time.

A sex freak lady can have sex as many times in a day, she is never satisfied or very rare to be satisfied, therefore it is very rare for her to be having sex with only one man because that man can never satisfy her with what she wants so she goes around seeking for different man to sleep with and not even minding raping the man around her.


Gone are the days when people leave judgement in God’s hand when others offend them, nowadays people now do justice by themselves by avenging or revenging.

Ladies are now also raping guys to coma state or even death in order to avenge or take vengeance for what the guy might have done to them. They call it punishment or reaping what he sows.

Conclusion: Not only guys are cruel, nowadays we have some ladies that are crueler or more wicked than guys so we should always be careful of our acts.


Ladies Too Now Rape, What Has The World Turned Into?

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