How to Recover After Losing Your Job During the Pandemic

How to Recover After Losing Your Job During the Pandemic

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has left millions without work and countless jobs have been cut from the payrolls of companies across the world. This widespread disruption was difficult to foresee and there has been no industry untouched.

Should you find yourself in the same shoes as millions of people around the world and out of work, take solace in the fact that there are steps you can take now to set yourself up to relaunch your career. Recovering after losing your job due to the pandemic is something that requires a lot of self-reflection and introspective thought about what you want to do now.

However, there are certain tips you can follow to help this process along and speed up your personal recovery as a whole.

Focus on What You Wish to Do Next

Ironically enough, one of the best ways to recover from a job loss now is to look at what you wish to do in the future. Was there a career path you hoped to hold besides the one you had? One report from Mic found that 44 percent of recent college graduates end up in the wrong career, which is a stunning but not altogether surprising statistic.

Most people enter a career either because it presented itself as they graduated or because they were attempting to appease someone. Unfortunately, neither of these are great reasons to start a career and can often lead to a career mismatch.

Look at the job you just held and then look at what motivates you. If the answers aren’t the same, it’s possible losing your job was for the best. Determine what it is that you really want to do and use this job loss as a chance to explore that new path.

There are a number of online degree options available to anyone that make new careers accessible. Don’t settle for the same career you held simply because it is what you have experience with. Identify what you really want to do and pursue that path relentlessly.

Continue Your Education

Using the time you now have on your hands to pursue additional education may be one of the best ways to recover after losing your job. Education is a valuable resource for anyone looking to launch a new career. You can attend a trade school or coding bootcamp to set you up for great new careers.

As mentioned, trade schools are an educational option that has been rising in popularity in recent years. Many schools, such as General Assembly, offer deferred tuition as well which makes them valuable options for people who just lost their job and may not be able to pay right away.

Attending a trade school is often a year-long process, however, so finding a coding bootcamp near you is another great way to pick up a skill useful to the future. This can help you to develop knowledge of the tech world, which will make you a valuable employee in the future.

Begin Research on New Careers

A broad way to recover after losing your job due to Covid-19 is to begin researching new careers. As mentioned, it’s possible that you were in the wrong career to begin with, so discovering that now can help you not make the same mistake.

You need to be aware of your skills, but also your interests when researching new careers. There’s no guarantee that there will be a job posted that matches what you want to do, but you can always learn how to write a letter of interest if you find a company that matches your values. Doing so can help set you apart from the competition that simply wants a job because they see one posted, and could let a company know you are very aware of what interests you.


Losing your job at any point in your life is a troubling experience. Rest assured, however, that the world is not collapsing around you even though it can certainly feel that way. Use this as a learning experience and grow from your job loss as a whole.

Take the opportunity you’ve been given to revamp your skillet and find a new path that will survive long into the future of work. Your individual skills are powerful and adding a few more to your repertoire can make the entire process go a little smoother.



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