How to Make Your Computer Fun and Entertaining

How to Make Your Computer Fun and Entertaining

Just as the saying goes “All work without play makes Jack a dull boy”, likewise our personal computer shouldn’t be for work alone and shouldn’t be boring for us and other people using it rather it should be fun and entertaining sometimes.

As we are working, there should also be time to enjoy and have fun to reduce stress and boredom.

Ways to Make a Computer Fun and Entertaining and Software Used

There are so several ways to make our personal computer fun and entertaining without harming or damaging it. They are listed and explained below:

*Playing Games:

Playing video games on our computer is the number one way of making our computers fun and entertaining for those of us that really love playing video games with good graphics and sound.

Due to technology upgrade, developers have been able to create games software that can be installed personally on a computer system and can also be downloaded online without giving an issue.

There are so many categories of video games which includes learning, sci-fi, action, adventure, puzzle, sport and so on that we could actually pick from and know the one we could fall in love with.

You would agree with me that playing your desired video games can be really interesting, fun and entertaining. Even other people especially children would love to be with such computers often because of the games in it.

*Listening to Music:

Listening to Music is also a way to make our computers fun and entertaining for music lovers, producers, artists and so on.

Music actually inspires, motivates, teaches, relaxes the body, reduces stress depending on the genre of music you choose to listen to. Having lot of music to listen to is also a way to get fun and entertained because “Music is Life” according to a saying.

Music is actually fun, entertaining, and reduces boredom because it makes us remember happy moments, believe in our dreams, dance our sorrow away, think of next move to take in life, activate our inner man, takes our any disturbing thoughts within us and so on.

Once we discover and know the kind or genre of music we love, then we are really good to go.

Software helpful in Listening To Music: VLC, Windows Media Player, Groove Music, etc.

*Watching Movies:

Computer can be used to watch any kind of movies downloaded online or collected in one way or the other with any extension such as .mp3, .3gp, .avi, etc., using inbuilt software and other software downloaded.

Watching Movies is another way of making our computers fun and entertaining for movies lovers. With the help of our computers, we don’t need to go to the cinemas before watching an interesting movies or any movie of our choice. Our personal computers are also smart enough to play any kind of movies of our choice with good graphics and sound.

We also have different kind of movies that can be watched on the system such as horror, action, adventures, sci-fi, comedy, suspense, tragedy, gospel, e.t.c., depending on the choice of an individual. Once we also know the kind of movies we love to watch and fun to us, then our computer won’t be a problem to watch and won’t be bored to us any longer.

Software helpful for Watching Movies: VLC, Windows Media Player, Movies and Photos, etc.

*Designing and Developing:

Sometimes doing what we have interest in or talent can never be bored to us.

Designing and Developing is yet another way of making our computers fun and entertaining for Designers and Developers. Designing/Developing can be fun and entertaining since it involves creating an idea or making and idea real, also providing solution to a particular problem, performing a particular tasks and so on.

Designing/Developing can be in different categories such as games developer, graphics designer, website designer, website developer, application or software developer and son on and doing all these things also reduce boredom on computer and make it fun and entertaining if we actually have interest in them.

Software helpful for designers and developers:

Graphics Designer: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel draw, Paint 3D, etc.

Application or Software Developer: JAVA, NetBeans, Android Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, etc.

Website Designer/Developer: Sublime Text, Microsoft Visual Code, Xammp, Notepad++, etc.

Games Developer: Unity, etc.


Writing is also a way to make our computers fun and entertaining for writers, Authors, Bloggers, Story-writers and so on.

Even though writing requires skills and a lot of thinking, it can still be fun when it is part on an individual or one’s interest. Bloggers, Reporters and Journalist, take their time to write real, unique, and good articles before publishing and find out how true it is. They all write about what is going on in the world.

Also Authors and Story-writes also create a story from the mind which might be true life or just imaginary stories for the fun of it and lesson to be learnt from it.

Software Used by Writes: Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notebook, etc.

*Surfing the Internet:

Are you the internet Freak? Surfing the internet is also a way to make our computers fun and entertaining.

Surfing the internet make us stay updated on what is going on in the world and also find valuable content to read, digest and make use of in one way or the other.

Software helpful for Surfing the Internet: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and so on


Social Media is now all over the places with more than billions of people connected on it.

Chatting on social media through our personal computers have proven it to be fun and entertaining also because it makes us meet and get in touch with old friends, strangers, meet new friends, helpers and also be also to do business online successfully without travelling from one country to the other.

Software helpful for Chatting: Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.


Installation Other Fun Software:

There is still other software that can be installed on the computer to make it fun and entertaining such as FL Studio for producers and beat makers, Virtual DJ for Disk Jockey, Cubase for music producer and so on.


How to Make Your Computer Fun and Entertaining

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