How to maintain a computer system to make it last longer

How to maintain a computer system to make it last longer

Maintenance can be defined as the actions performed to keep some machine or system functioning or in service. Purchasing an electronic device is a thong and maintaining it is another thing.

So many people in the world are so careless about their stuffs and don’t know how to maintain them instead they rough handle them or handle them anyhow.

Reason to Maintain Our Computer System

Maintenance really goes a long way than we actually think of. There are so many reasons to maintain our computer system after purchase. Some major reasons will be discussed below:

*To Make is Neat and Presentable:

Neatness is part of the major reason to maintain our computer system. Maintaining the computer system will make it neat always even after using it for so many years and sometimes might even look like a brand new one (just like the way it looks when you first purchased it).

Maintaining will also make the computer system very presentable both in private and public either in meetings, presentations, defense of projects and so on.

*To make it Last Longer:

Making our Computer system last longer is also part of the job of maintenance. To make electronic device last longer even more than our expectations, we have to create time for its maintenance. Maintenance is really essential in the life span of electronic device unless it will break down or crashes faster even when we do not expect it to.

*To avoid repairing cost: Maintenance also avoid or reduce the amount used in repairing our computer system. When we maintain our computer system, it helps us not to spend unnecessary money for repairing or servicing to computer engineer.

*For Reselling (Export) Purpose: Sometimes we might want to resell our computer system due to one reason or the other or even want to export it to a person in another country. It is only a computer system that is in a good shape and working perfectly that one can export or resell to another person both locally and internationally and to keep a computer system a good shape and working perfectly, such computer system must undergo maintenance.


How and Ways to maintain a computer system


There are several ways of maintaining our personal computer system which include some of the following:

*Cleaning: Cleaning is one way to maintain our computer system. Cleaning actually means using a clean white clothes or soft material to wipe the computer system components one after the other until everything is being neat back to normal stage and free of dirt or impurities or protuberances.

Cleaning can be done in so many ways using a white clean clothes or paint brushes to clean the dust that could be all over the components of the computer system.

*Blowing: Blowing is another way to maintain a computer system. Blowing is the act to force a current of air upon with the mouth, or by any other means.

The computer system components should also be loosened and blown sometimes either by mouth or any other means (most especially using an electrical device known as blower) to avoid too much of dust and spider web on the components because too much of dust on an electronic or electrical components can lead to its damage.

*Servicing: Servicing also helps in maintain the computer system. Servicing is the act of performing maintenance on something.

All electrical and electronic devices should have a particular time for their servicing (it could be after every three (3) months, Six (6) months or even once in a year) after use in order to maintain them very well and so they could be used in a longer period of time.


Other ways to maintain a computer system include:

*Avoid drinking or eating while working on the computer system

*Do not play horse or rough play whenever you are working with your computer system.

*Avoid any form of liquid to pour on your computer system because once it can penetrate through it, the liquid could damage the component of the computer system and could cause it to malfunction or stop working again.

*Do not give your computer system to children (I mean kids) to play with it. Computer system is not a toy to play with.

*Always Shut down your computer system after use (it is advisable to hibernate instead f shutting down)

*It is advisable to restart the computer system after installment of any software.



How to maintain a computer system to make it last longer

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