How To know If You or Your Job Really Need a Computer System

How To know If You or Your Job Really Need a Computer System

Technology has gone so wild that almost all organizations or individual in the world now need his/her own computer to accomplish a task faster and more accurately.

As we all know that there are so many things that computer can be used for (either a desktop or laptop) and it does work faster, smarter, more effectively and more accurately.

Who are really in Need of Computer?

Apart from big organizations and people that work in there such as bankers, accountant, receptionist, typist, and so on, there are also some individuals (I call them C.E.O or entrepreneur) that are also in need of computer in such a way that without it, their work cannot be done. They are as follows:

*Graphics Designer: This is an artist who creates images for a specific purpose, such as advertising or web design. A graphic designer needs a computer because that is his main tools used for creating, editing and correcting pictures and illustrations using some software like Photoshop, illustrator, and so on.

There is some software that can only work on a computer and is essential for graphics designers to make use of them.

*Blogger: This can be known as a contributor to a blog (From weblog) or online journal.

A blogger is also in need of a computer when it comes to writing original articles real faster and easier before publishing online. Even though articles can be created and written on our mobile phones but writing a longer article will be a little bit or much stressful, hence the need of a computer to accomplish them easier and faster.

*Web Designer/Developer: Web Designer is a person who designs (and sometimes creates) websites while Web Developer is a person who develops applications designed to be used via the World Wide Web.

Designing a website or developing web application requires a computer as its number one needs. Websites can only be designed and preview successfully using a computer by the use or combination of some programming languages in which their IDE (Integrated Development Environment) can only be installed and used successfully on computer likewise developing web applications.

*Photographer: This is the one who takes photographs, typically as an occupation.

You would be wondering what would a photographer need a computer for when it’s not his camera. I would tell you today that after a photographer’s camera which is his number one tools come his personal computer which he/she would use for the editing and corrections of all the pictures taken to make then more beautiful and get the desired result before printing them out using some software like Photoshop, illustrator, and so on.

You can now see that a photographer is also in need of a computer

*Cinematographer: This is a photographer who operates a movie camera or who oversees the operations of the cameras and lighting when making a film.

A cinematographer also needs a computer for his job for some corrections and editing of videos captured by him. Computer can also be used to add some effects and filters to the movie to make it more real and interesting such as slow motions, fast motion, flying in the sky, disappearance, etc.

*Gamer: This is a person who plays any kind of game (i.e. a person whose hobby is video games or someone who games the system).

A Gamer also needs his/her computer for playing different kind of video games. A Gamer plays games for fun or entertainment purpose, learning purpose, testing purpose, and observation/notice purpose.

*Game and Application/Software Developer: Game Developer is a person who turns a game design into a playable game through coding and in-engine asset creation while Application/Software developer is a person that creates software completely and work out the requirements to make use of it.

Game and Application/Software Developer are also in need of computer in their aspect of job. In fact, I will say that computer is their major tools for developing games and applications.

Since games and software development requires a programming language or the combination of different programming languages to run which can only be written and interpreted/debugged on computer. Therefore, computer is compulsory in such field of job.

*Security Guards: Security guard are people who are employed to provide security for people and property.

They are also in need of computer system for efficient tracking and monitoring of properties and people. The cameras (CCTV) used are normally connected to a computer system so as to see what the cameras are viewing or capturing.



Lastly, I will say that everybody need a computer for himself/herself nowadays either for doing one purpose or the other such as writing/typing of projects, letters, Curriculum Vitae (CV), resume, application letters, watching of movies and listening of music.

I will advise you to get a computer today if you don’t have one yet so you won’t be left out of the way technology is evolving faster.


How To know If You or Your Job Really Need a Computer System

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