How to choose the right Computer For Yourself

How to Choose the right computer for yourself?

Choosing your personal computer is not really that difficult at all but there are some factors to be considered and they are listed and explained below:


To choose the right computer for yourself to use, you might want to consider the size of the computer. Size is also an important factor, let us take for instance the size of a computer that a graphic designer is to purchase is expected to be large in screen because of full photo editing compared to the computer of a web developer that size does not really matters.

We have different sizes such as 11 to 12 inches, 13 to 14 inches, 15 to 16 inches, 17 to 18 inches based on their screen.

Graphics designer and Gamer prefer computer with large screen because in the case of graphic designer, he would be able to create and edit full pictures very well without the need of zooming in and out every time while in the case of gamer, he would be able to play games with the highest and best screen resolution and enjoy what he is playing without straining his eyes.


RAM simply means Random Access Memory and it makes you quick access to files that the computer is actively reading or writing.

RAM in a computer should also be considered based on the kind of job you want to use the computer for. This has made many people to regret purchasing a particular system when it takes them a lot of time before the system finish booting or before it can successfully open an application or software on the computer.

Though there is a solution to this which we call RAM upgrade meaning that RAM can be upgraded in a particular system since most or all systems have two (2) slots for placing RAM. Therefore, a second RAM can be placed to support the first one or instead both RAM in the system can be replaced by a higher capacity of RAM but this solution will lead to wastage of money sometimes.

I mean what is the essence of purchasing something and later using another amount of money to buy RAM when you can just go for a computer with the desires RAM in it already.

*Memory Capacity/Storage:

When we are talking about memory capacity/storage, we mean the memory space that is in the computer. Just like our mobile phones in which the memory of the phone determines the amount of data that can be stored/saved on the phone either document, music, videos, photos and so on in any format and can also be supported with external memory card (which is called SD Card). We also have memory space in a system which will determine the amount of data such as photos, music, videos, installation of software, document and so many in different format or extension that can be saved on the computer until it reached its limit.

Even though Memory capacity/storage in a system can be enlarged using external storage devices such as floppy disk, Flash drives, Zip drives, hard drives but it will also lead to more spending of money compares to buying a system with your desires or required memory capacity.


Processor also be known as the Central Processing Unit (C.P.U) is the electronic circuitry within a computer that executes instructions that make up a computer program.

Processor also helps to determine the speed of a computer in the aspect of multitasking and multiprocessing (i.e. how fast the system can open different software/applications at the same time and how fast it can process data into information before displaying the final result as output).

Not everybody loves things to be done sluggishly or can wait for a couple of time before things can be done especially when you have a lot to deliver in a short period of time especially when you are a developer, gamer, designer…., you would really want to consider the processor of a computer before purchasing it.

*Video Card:

Video Card is a piece of hardware installed into a personal computer to allow it to send video signals to an external output device such as a monitor or projector.

Video card can also be a factor to be considered when purchasing a computer especially for gamers that love playing games with the best graphics and also for business women and men to implement their ideas very well on projector and coming out with the best graphics they could desire for.



All the factors listed above are very great to consider when purchasing a computer depending on the field you are and what you want to use it for. Checking them out and making sure it meet your requirement is the only way to make sure that you are not purchasing the wrong system and to also avoid complaint in the future.


How to choose the right Computer For Yourself

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