How To Become a Fast Typist Using Keyboard on a Computer System

How To Become a Fast Typist Using Keyboard on a Computer System

Being a fast typist on a computer system Is another accomplishment on its own entirely. Owing a computer system doesn’t make one a good and fast typist because being a fast typist can only be accomplished alongside some lessons and time.

There are some things that should be done before one can become faster and improved in typing fast on a keyboard and we also have the right method that must be used while typing (I mean the use of both hands and placing them in the keyboard correctly).

What are the Wrong way of Typing?

So many percentage of people in the world today do not know that they might be fast in typing but they are typing wrong (using the wrong method).

The major method people use in typing is the use of one hand.

Using one hand to type is the first mistake people make while typing because they believe that typing with their one hand make them faster than using both hands which is really a wrong way of tying on a keyboard (even on typewriters). Using one hand can deceive you that you might be fast but I will tell you the fact that it is indeed slower compared to people using two hands.

What a one hand typist can accomplish within two (2) hours, someone using two hands will accomplish the same thing within one (1) hour or even less.


Another wrong way of typing is not placing the ten fingers of the two hands on the keyboard correctly. There are lot of people that do use their both hands to type (both left hand and right hand) but the place them wrongly on the keyboard. There is a specific way that hands should be laid on a keyboard and this can be learnt either by getting a teacher to tutor you or learning it online (there are lot of tutorial that could be watched and downloaded online in order to get it right).


How to Become fast while typing on a Keyboard


There are lot of ways to become fast while typing on a keyboard and some of the methods will be discussed below:


  • By Going to Physical training: Going to physical computer training helps a lot in typing fast because you will have a teacher or guidance that will put you through and teach or explain to you everything you need to know about typing fast.

Going to tutorial everyday will boost your speed in typing because apart from having a teacher who will put you through, you will also have competitors to compete with and makes you work harder to want to beat them. This will also aid in making you type faster.


  • By Playing Games: Games is known as an activity described by a set of rules especially for the purpose of entertainment, often competitive or having an explicit goal. There are so games that is meant for learning purposes and educational reason and can be used to learn things mostly. We also have games that helps a lot in the aspect of typing faster, such games are the ones of penguins and others.


  • By practicing Everyday: As the saying says “practice makes perfect”. Practicing every day and every time can also help to improve our typing speed. As we all know that there is nothing that we want to be good at that does not require everyday practice. Practicing makes us realize our mistakes and provide a way to correct them and correcting them will help us to improve day by day until we are at the best level.


  • By Watching Tutorial online: We are in the era of civilization and technology. This has gotten to the extent that there is nothing that one wants to learn that cannot be learn online through softcopies and watching, download videos online. There are so many tutorial videos that can be watched online and even downloadable. Videos even makes thing clearer to us and more understandable. The major website to watch videos tutorial is



Reasons for Learning How to Type Fast

There are few reasons one should learn how to type fast and they are as follows:

  • It saves time especially when you are typing a very long words such as stories, novels, articles, news and so on
  • It brings about job opportunity (so many companies are always ready to employ people that are computer literate and know how to type fast will really be a plus one (+1).
  • It will be useful to reply important messages faster when chatting online.
  • It boosts moral
  • It being about more engagement.



Typing fast is not a difficult or hard thing to achieve but might requires lot of patience, hard-work, and consistency.

The above explanation can sure guide us on how to become a fast typist or how to type very fast on keyboard, typewriter and even smart phones since the arrangement of letters are the same on these devices.


How To Become a Fast Typist Using Keyboard on a Computer System


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