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Gia Fuda Death – Dead, Obituary | Cause of Death, True or False
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Gia Fuda is Not Dead : Death, Obituary, Cause of Death, Memorial, Funeral

360NG totally feeling excited to announce the death of a loved one ‘Gia Fuda ‘ is FAKE!!!

‘Gia Fuda ‘ has not Passed Away.

About Gia Fuda

The news concerning the death of Gia Fuda was made known to us and confirmed via social media.

Gia Fuda Was Not Found Dead, She was Found Alive.

FOUND! After 9 days missing, Gia Fuda was found by search and rescue crews. She is alive and her parents are with her…

FOUND! After 9 days missing, Gia Fuda was found by search and rescue crews. She is alive and her parents are with her now. All of the deputies and volunteers with search and rescue did an incredible job locating her deep in the woods down a ravine.
She is still in the hospital being evaluated. Her mom and dad say she ran out of gas and started walking. She got disoriented and then lost. Searchers found her sitting by the stream in the ravine with her feet in the water. She survived on berries and stream water. She was 3.5 to 3.7 miles from where her car was found in US 2. Bloodhounds tracked her walking down from her car 1.7 miles towards Skykomish and the trail ended at the highway. She then walked 2 miles up into the mountains where there is a ravine. As she went down into the ravine, they found some of her clothing and belongings she had dropped. Searchers followed the stream and located her.

Posted by David Rose Q13 Fox News on Saturday, August 1, 2020

Gia Fuda Cause of Death

Gia Fuda Was Not Found Dead, She was Found Alive.

Gia Fuda Memorial/Funeral

Gia Fuda Was Not Found Dead, She was Found Alive.

Gia Fuda Tributes

Gia Fuda Was Not Found Dead, She was Found Alive.

What People Say about Gia Fuda !!!

Dawn Chandler
so happy that she was found alive. great work to the search and rescue people. I wish the story of 10 year Sage had a similar ending. my heart still aches that he hasn’t been found

Viola Ribeiro
Congratulations you’re alive and well God was with you thank you to all the volunteers rescue people the searchers who never stopped great job

Terri Thrapp
Awesome news David Rose.. So happy she is found..

Jeremy David Cornyn
That is such a relief she is found thank you David for everything you do there should be some sort of an award or metal that’s given to you I think the cheapest Seattle should give you your special day for what you do with the community throughout the entire state of Washington

Robin McKinsey
Seems like so many women have gone missing lately. So glad she is alive and back with family

Amy Vyborny Long
So happy for this family. What a week it has been. I’m interested in hearing her whole story when she’s ready to tell it. Thank God she is safe!

Sherrie Happle Jensen
Amazing work ! I’ve been praying they would find Gia! My prayers were answered! 🙏

Maria Higginbotham
Thanks be To God she was found!
And Thanks to All who prayed and search for her in finding her!

Julie Korzan
Sweet Jesus! I have been praying that GIA would be found and reunited with her family. Hallelujah! Her family must be so overwhelmed with JOY!

Angie Duncil
Yes!! We drove by where she was missing from this weekend and it‘s so sad that she was out there.

Janet Ruble
Wow! Amazing! I want to hear her story of what she went through. Power of Prayer!

Carol Peters Quimby
That is incredible, so very glad she was found, I was feeling very sad about her diapearance, KUDOS to her rescuers!

Mandi Lani Kleeberger-Tester
We are so happy she is found and back home with her family!

Rene Palmer
What a positive piece of news. Thank you to all the people that helped in her recovery.

Jere Pollock
I am so proud of you guys for all of the hard work you guys did to find her I’m so happy she’s ok she had an angel with her. AWESOME WORK

Carin Graddy Graddy Harmon
Thank you to all that helped search and locate Gia. Amazing. Thank you David Rose.

Lynn Nadine McLaughlin
fasted, went to bed praying, woke up praying, couldn’t stop checking fb and finally….Praise God, thank You for her safety and answering so many prayers. God is good, all the time. Happy tears!!

Jay Miller
9 days in the Cascade wilderness.
This will become an episode of “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”

Faith Saunders
Thanks to all that looked shared rescued and all god and goddesses and the highest of the high thank you god

Lisa Vallins
We can all use some good news these days. So glad this young lady was found alive.

Thank you for never giving up and continuing to look for her. You are all amazing!

Carol Sweeney
Prayers are answered. A beautiful Saturday to never be forgotten. So happy for Gia and her family and friends. Thank you to all who were searching and didn’t give up until Gia was found safe and alive.

Richard Anderson
Be very interesting to hear the entire story, but the main thing she is back home safe!

Johanna Rasmussen
Best news ever!! Thank God for this happy ending to scary situation!! Way to go SAR, Officers & community for sharing this story/tips.

Cheryl Radabah
It was 10 years ago today that our daughter’s remains were found in a deep ravine after going missing on May 13, 2010. We are so thrilled for Gia and the Fuda family!!

Tia Wilkins
It’s about time 2020 give us something to smile and rejoice about. God is good

Annie Snyder Brooks
Ohhhhhhhhh THANK YOU GOD….I know we have all been praying for an outcome opposite of the unfortunate usual. I am so thrilled for her Parents today.

Adam Murphy
I’m glad she was found safe but I’m amazed at how many detectives were on here saying “ITS POINTLESS TO LOOK IN THE WOODS SHE WOULDN’T HAVE WALKED IN


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Tracy Johnson
David Rose Q13 Fox News it’s amazing to sit and watch the “shares” go up, up and up by the second. Lots of people really appreciate the effort to all the people involved by sharing the outcome.

Marilyn Lynch-Ramos
Yes Oh god thank you 🙏 hug her and don’t let her go at least know her whereabouts thanks parents thanks search and rescue yes I can sleep tonite knowing we don’t have a serial killer out and about yet.

Lesley Stauffer Caveness
I’m guessing the bloodhounds said she was in the woods. I never argue with dogs. I am a dog trainer and I have worked search and rescue for many years

Scott O’Neall
So happy that she is safe! How about some details? We are seeing too many post of missing young women. We need to learn from these experiences so that we can protect others from this happening to them!

Barrett Hartman
I hope this has been nothing more than a lost and found. I hope there is not a long road of recovery from other Atrocities that were performed against her will before she was found.

Gina Glasgow-Wills
AAA or any other roadside service is a great gift to give.

M Caitlyn Camacho
Why was she wandering in the woods if she ran out of gas!? Don’t you think you would follow the road? Glad she is found safe, soo scary but I really want to know why she was wandering in the woods! /:

Larry John Sablan
Glad she was found but it doesn’t make sense? Found in a ravine 8 days later deep in the woods? Why didn’t stay on the main road? Wtf

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