Features that should be Considered and Added to the Official WhatsApp Application

Features that should be Considered and Added to the Official WhatsApp Application

What is WhatsApp? This is an instant messaging service founded in2009 and acquired by Facebook in 2014.

It is no longer a news that WhatsApp has become part of the most instant messaging application used in the whole world with more than billions of users. After WhatsApp has been in existence for some years, some developers have decided to create mod of the official WhatsApp application but added some new and cool features to it to make it more engaging. This has made many people uninstall official WhatsApp application from their phone and thereby install the modified one. Some examples of the popular modified WhatsApp are: GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Go, YOWhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, OGWhatsapp, WhatsApp Prime, WhatsApp MA, WhatsApp Indigo, GBWhatsApp MiNi, Soula WhatsApp Lite, YCWhatsApp, ZE WhatsApp, BSEWhatsApp, KRWhatsApp, etc.

Features Official WhatsApp Application is Lacking and that should be considered and added to it?

What are the Features that should be considered and added to the official WhatsApp application?

As time (i.e. day, month, year, week, moment, period and so on) is changing and moving ahead, so are human wants also changing. People like to see new updates with more cool features most of the times and not stagnant or constant thing without any change in it for a longer period of time.

Below are some of the features that should be considered and added to the official WhatsApp application from the modified WhatsApp applications:

  • Theme: Theme is the collection of color schemes, sounds, artwork etc. that skin an environment towards a particular motif. The official WhatsApp should also consider adding themes to be part of the application because theme always make the background of the application cooler, more beautiful and more attractive.

People are really in interested in trying their best to make the appearance of their application look totally different to others just like in form of competition and uniqueness and this is the total work of the ability to apply themes to such applications. WhatsApp should really consider adding more themes (light mode and dark mode is not just enough). It would even be more okay if DIY themes can be added (Meaning Do It Yourself) whereby users can use any pictures of his/her choice to create the theme from scratch and also choose color of his choice for each text and area of the application.


  • Separate Chats from Groups: Another great feature that should be considered and added to the official WhatsApp application is the ability to separate chats columns (friends, family and personal chats) from chats from different groups. This will really help in replying important and business messages faster. Imagine been in a groups of about 500+ depending on the kind of business or online activities you into, it will be very difficult to identify or differentiate between personal messages and groups messages, hence might lose some business due to being slow in response or not even be able to read the message at all.


  • Inbuilt Status Saver: Status is a function of some instant messaging applications (which is also available on WhatsApp), whereby a user may post a message that appears automatically to other users, if they attempt to make contact. Status is really now a new thing now, it is now being used by so many applications including WhatsApp. People no use status to communicate, share their mood, display and advertise goods and services, share activities engaged into for a day and many more. Even though there is a separate application that can be used to save status on WhatsApp buy I guess it is not just enough. WhatsApp should also have its own inbuilt status saver to save stress, energy and time before saving one’s status. The major reason for this is in case a user likes a status uploaded by another user and might want to repost or rebroadcast on his/her own status without asking the other user to send to him/her.


  • Increase Number of Participant in Broadcast List: WhatsApp is now used for online business purposes and not just personal use. People now do online business such ad trading of cryptocurrency, blogging, freelancing in any form, preorder of goods and services, sales of goods directly, ordering of a service directly and so on. There might be a situation whereby a user might want to broadcast the same message to all of his/her customers or clients, WhatsApp has already helped in that area by providing “New Broadcast” option but where the problem lies is that the broadcast list is limited to reach 256 people at a time and this is a little bit smaller than expected.

In a situation whereby a user has more than 20,000+ customers, he/she can’t be creating lot of broadcast list of 256 people each, it would really be stressful and tedious. Therefore, it would be really good if WhatsApp could increase the number of people in a broadcast list.

  • Message an Unknown Number: Some of these modified WhatsApp has a cool feature of messaging an unknown number of any country code without the need to add them to contact list first. This feature is cool and I think official WhatsApp should also consider adding it to their application because there might be sometimes we will need to have a short or business conversation with another user without the need of saving their contact first.


Features that should be Considered and Added to the Official WhatsApp Application

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