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Cankerworm in the Church It is ironical that some people have crept into the churches of God today without any vision for the kingdom of God, let alone the progress of the work of God.  Their presence in the church is a problem to both leaders and followers. They are there unnoticed but eating up the body of Christ. They  are cankerworms. But the truth is that if no one knows them, the Lord, the owner of the church, knows them. And very soon God will expose and disgrace them. It is, therefore, important for each member of the body of Christ to examine him/herself and know who he or she is. It is the duty of every believer to beware to escape the operations of the cankerworm. But the judgement of God is awaiting this category of people. If you are one of them, repent today to receive the mercy of God. Characteristics of the cankerworm – By their fruits, we shall know them. Their lifestyles reveal who they are. But God will not leave His people in darkness. These canker worms murmur against God and constituted authorities, possess revolting and rebellious hearts, indulge in sins, and without showing any remorse. They do evil, even openly; they disobey clear biblical instructions of God. They are busy bodies and tale bearers in the house of God, they are the custodian of wrong doctrines and overthrow people’s faith. Run away from them. The cankerworm of old Some people lent themselves to be used of the devil in the Bible as cankerworms Read more…

The Christian and his conviction Conviction might be explained as a stable or secured faith. Conviction can be defined as the act of agreeing and having boldness that a thing is fact. It means a strong persuasion or belief. Conviction is opposed to doubt and skepticism. Abraham was our spiritual father. From the stand point of faith, he was certainly the epitome of a man of Biblical convictions as the books of Genesis and Romans demonstrate. When all odds were against him, he tenaciously held onto the promise of God. His conviction definitely impacted the way he lived, what he did, and where he went. Are you a man or a woman of convictions? It is good to be one. How men or women of convictions live – People who lived by conviction or belief derived from the scriptures demonstrate a strong commitment to the word of God . By commitment to the scripture, we mean: Recognition of scripture as inspired and thus inerrant and the final word of God. Commitment to the scripture as our standard for thinking. Commitment according to the Good Book simply means being devoted and dedicated to distinction in its study, use and application. We must use the Holy Book to leak all things that passes through our hearts so we can bring every opinion captive to the standard of the scripture. God told Joshua to be committed to the scripture so he could be a successful man. Conviction: a measure of our spiritual growth – Your conviction includes your worth, dedications and inspirations. For Read more…

Ingratitude: the common sickness Many people the world over, including Christians, seldom thank God for what He has done  for  them,  but  are  after  what more they can get from Him. Both unbelievers and believers are clad with ingratitude or ungrateful hearts, never appreciating the present and past blessings of God. Ingratitude is a common sickness plaguing humanity. While the unemployed seek job offers, some employees work reluctantly, complaining as they go. Others cheerfully give their best all day long. God expects us to be faithful on the job and serve with gladness. To brood and complain is not only a waste of energy, it is a mark of ingratitude to God. No matter your plight, there is still hope for the living. The spirit of ingratitude is also at work in the Church. When it is time to praise and thank God for His goodness, we do it with boredom. But it’s all fireworks when it’s time to pull down the enemy or ask for breakthrough. The truth? We are not better than the nine ungrateful lepers. If in doubt, ask yourself: when last did you testify of God’s gracious dealings in your life, family and work? What about that healing and deliverance from demonic attacks? We all need to shed our garment of ingratitude to tap into God’s blessings. Carnal man is self-centered and proud – Michal, the wife of King David exalted the position of a king above every other person, including God. That’s why she saw no reason why a king must be dancing before the Read more…

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