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What Would Happen If There Was Nothing Like Google Search. Google Is A Widely Used Search Engine That Uses Text-matching Techniques To Find Web Pages That Are Important And Relevant To User’s Searches. Aside The Google, There Are Other Different Search Engines Around The Globe Which Include Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo. The Search Engine Is A Computer Program That Retrieves Documents, And Files Or Data From A Database Or From A Computer Network. Technology Has Brought To Humanity A Great Way Of Being, The Search Engines Are Available Today Because Of Technology, The Ability To Create New Things That Can Improve The Way People Live And Google Has Come From A Way Far To Improve The People Do Things But Sometimes Depends On How One Uses It Because It Pays Every Single Thing You Give To It. In An Imagination, After Being Asked What If Google Had Never Been Existing? Most A Lot Of Us Would Have Probably Think ” If It Should Be Like That Then, Computers Would Not Have Been Into Existence Too” But That Can’t Happen That Way Because There Were A Lot Computers At Long Ago Time Before The Google Was Officially Launched. A Prove That Would Confirm To You This Is That Search Engines Like Google Were Created By The Computer With Codes Which Is The Language Programmers Use. Google Has Actually Progress In The World Of Technology Especially In The Educational Sector, Organizations, Companies And Others. In The Old Times When Not Much Know Computer And And Very Few People Can Operate It, Those Who Read more…

No Matter How Life Is ‘just Always Smile No One Cares About How You Feeling No One Care When You Are Said So While Should You Always Be Said When No One Will Ask You What Happen? What Is The Reason About You Said Face, Well You Are Human, Sometimes When Things Don’t Seem To Work In The Right Way You Feel Like Give Up Many Don’t Ask You What Is Happening? Why Making That Said Face It Will Only Lead You To Thinking Keeping Your Face Said Is The Worst Thing Ever So No One Care About How We Feel Nevertheless, Don’t Feel Bad One Thing You Need To Understand Is Being Said And Thinking A Lot Is Not Good For You ‘neither Me Over Thinking Could Let To A Problem Which Sometime We Can’t Resist It Here I Am Sometimes I Over Think, Many Thing Just Bosting On My Head When I Meet People I Don’t   My Face Like Somehow, In That You Can Relate Who Like You And Who Don’t Like You, Don’t Forget When You Are Said Some Around You Are Happy Because Of That But When You Always Smile Some Would Be, Why Is The Person Smiling ‘and True That Many Might Be Wondering Maybe Good Things Come To Your Way But Truly Deep Inside You. You Are Said, I Know This Writing Look Somehow But The Truth Is No Matter What Happen No Matter How Bad You Feel Just Remember To Always Smile Because If You Are Making That Said Face Bet Me No Read more…

Am Writing Things On My Blog 360ng Because I Have That Kind Of Experience People Are Breaking Because They Are Waiting For Big Capital To Make Big Money At Once! This Sound Quite Interesting But I Don’t Think Everyone Who Go Will That! You Don’t Need Big Capital To Make Money. Ok Here Is The Thing We Have Many People Who Are Broke Some Have Small Have And Both A Waiting For A Big Opportunity To Come So That They Could Make Real Money To Me This Sound Somehow, And If You Ask Why, I Would Have Said Is I Have Small Amount I Rather Invest It In Such A Way That I Could Get It In Double Ways Or I Will Get Things That I Could Do In Anyways Because If Am To Wait It Won’t Be Somehow That I Could Even Use The Money At The End I Won’t Left With Anything, And What Do Call That? We All Know Sometimes We Need To Wait For A Big Capital To Make Good Money But In The Process Of Waiting, It Will Turn Out To Be Something, Work On Gaining For Yourself Another Stream Of Income Ok I Don’t Really Know But We Know That People Are Not All That The Same Because Everyone Has His Reason Of Doing Things Which Might Be Hopefully But The Things Are If Is To Wait He Or She Might End Up Being Real Broke Which Sound Not Good But The Truth Is We Need To Work Out Of Something For Our Self, Read more…

This Question Sound Funny But I Have To Write Something Something That Is Useful For Everyone Especially Someone Like Me I Thought Am The Only Using Google But There Is Thousands Of User Out There Who Found Google Useful In Such A Ways That If Good Seems Not To Exit The Wont Feel Comfortable The Truth Is I Found Google Useful To Me With Google Search I Don’t Think I Can Learn True All These Websites We All Know There Is Many Search Engines Like Yahoo Yandex, Bein, And Many More But Google Search Is The Only One Which Seems To Be Good Many Webmaster Use Google For Everything Many Use Google For Seo Best Search Result The Use Googles For Tracking And In Such Many Ways, I Think Google Search Is The Best Search Engine, But In Case You Have Any Other Ones You Can Write It On The Comment Box Or Forward It To My Mail Let Me Know If The Is Another Best Search Engine Truly Ok For An Instant There Many Students Will Always Ask Question How To Do This? How To Do That? What Is The Full Meaning Of This And That? When You Look At It Google Is The Only One Who Show Good Result When Every User Search Truth A Person Like Me Found Google Search Very Interesting, Because Is True The Google I Have Get To Know Wikipedia And So Many Websites For Someone Like To Learn, If Google Search Didn’t Exit Maybe There Might Be Another But I Don’t Think Would Read more…

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