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Boddhi Satva & DJ Maphorisa – Toumbalo (Mp3 Audio) Download

Published by on August 15th, 2020

South Africa Music: Boddhi Satva & DJ Maphorisa – Toumbalo (Mp3 Audio) Download Mp3 Audio Song Download

360NG Presents Boddhi Satva & DJ Maphorisa – Toumbalo (Mp3 Audio) Download for downloads

Juls, Central African Republic record producer, DJ and songwriter releases his latest hits which he titled “Toumbalo“.

Toumbalo” features DJ Maphorisa and was produced by Boddhi Satva and co-produced by DJ Maphorisa.

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About Boddhi Satva

Boddhi Satva’s Biography/Profile

Who is Boddhi Satva?


Boddhi Satva was born and raised in Central African Republic where his love for music was clear even in his formative years when he was involved in writing,producing and rapping with Gbekpa Crew (hip hop crew), created by himself and a few friends. His overwhelming desire to share a deeper message in conjunction with irrefutable production skills left him searching for a more meaningful way to get his sound heard.

In 2000 Boddhi’s search for more took him to Belgium to pursue his studies which revealed his greatest passion, music and ultimately deep house music. After absorbing the music of the greats like Masters At Work, Osunlade and Kevin Yost, Alton Miller, St Germain, just to name a few Boddhi knew what he wanted to do and described it as follows, “It was like a revelation to me, from then on I decided to play and produce THIS music”, and that’s exactly what he has been doing!

Having met Alton Miller in 2005 and working together on two powerful Eps’ “Prelude To A Motion Ep” and “See The Day”, released by Paris-based ATAL MUSIC, Boddhi’s name and sound was not only gaining recognition but praise from peers all around the world. Boddhi’s motivation was stronger than ever and 2006 brought forth the distinct sound of Ancestral Soul that was first inspired and then introduced to the world by Osunlade’s Yoruba Records with the “Satva Varti Ep”. At this point Boddhi had not only met many of the people that inspired him in the industry but he was now working with them on various remixes and original productions and also with labels like Bubble Soul, Seasons Limited, Seed, Ocha Records, Yoruba Records, Abicah Soul Recs, Franck Roger Digital, Deeper Shades Recs, Citydeep and UGH.

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The impressive body of work and multiple collaborations within such a short period of time earned Boddhi the title “THE MACHINE” from his peers and also fueled the drive that had been building within him to start his own label “Offering Recordings”. Offering Recordings was a part of Boddhi’s inner spirit and dedicated to quality music that brought forward uplifting feelings. Spiritually refined, Offering conveys it’s message through music; freeing everyone of their stresses, fears, and inner pains. This label was an outlet for Boddhi to give support and recognition to artists that feel the music but also appreciate the message that lives within the music.

All of Boddhi’s hard work and more significant, his true love, understanding and respect for THIS music that he holds close to his soul and keeps intertwined with his spiritual self keeps his sound changing and evolving while sustaining the underlying message and feel of everything that he has always believed in. Boddhi is a different breed of entertainer, one that creates for the soul and from the heart, his music exists as a path to free everyone from the wear and tear that this world places on each of us at different points in our lives. Boddhi is not content with just making you move on the dance floor, through his infections beats and combinations of drums and ancestral sounds he hopes to move you in every way imaginable.

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2010 has delivered Boddhi to a higher plain, an elevated state of creativity that has lead to him being signed with Grammy Award Winner Louie Vega’s label; Vega Records. When asked about Boddhi Satva and how he came to be a part of Vega Records Louie had this to share, “Mr. V brought me an edit of a Boddhi Satva retouch of a BBE Records Artist known as V (not Mr.V). I liked this calabo of Mr.V & Boddhi so I licensed the track for Vega Records. Lou Gorbea connected us via phone and after a few conversations with Bodhhi I started to realize just how much music he had accumulated in such a short time and as we started having lengthier conversations and becoming friends I got to hear what he was working on at the time. I knew right then and there that he was capable of putting together an entire album project and I was very confident that he could deliver. I loved his sound and he is also a very good DJ that plays with strong presence, he is a well rounded artist, that’s what brought him to Vega Records Collective.”

With the full support of Louie Vega and Vega Records for the past two years Boddhi’s exposure has sored to new heights. Louie has introduced Boddhi to the scenes most prestigious events like WMC in Miami, ADE in Amsterdam, Vega Records Get Togethers in NYC, Sunset Ritual of IBIZA and Londons prized MINISTRY OF SOUND, so they can experience what Louie knew from his first encounters with Boddhi, that his sound would move people! All of this exposure and hard work has brought countless tracks, mixes & remixes, fans from all over the world and true strength and integrity with consistent hits. Boddhi is now harnessing all of that energy and preparing to release “Invocations”his highly anticipated album which embodies and places all the growth, spiritually and emotionally, that Boddhi has experienced through out his entire journey in this music. “Invocations” is an album filled with Eclectic Sounds, African Roots, Neo Soul, Ragga that all has the signature Boddhi style. With tracks like “Who Am I” (feat. Athenai & C.Robert Walker) & “Puncho Koko” (feat. Yacoub) you can see and feel Boddhi’s range and growth in every facet of his art. Boddhi’s spiritual openness to the universe and all the good it holds has also brought him to Greece, Japan, Germany, Italy, Angola, South Africa and that’s just to name a few of the many places in the past year! When it comes to the United States Boddhi is in high demand and welcomed with opened arms, having rocked NYC’s house community he has gone on to also share his light with Chicago, Las Vegas, L.A., Detroit, Phoenix, Boston, Miami, and again that’s just in this year!

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As 2011 approaches, Boddhi humbly drops his head and thanks everyone and everything in the known and unknown universe for the support, respect and prolific acceptance of the music that is in essence him. The new year is filled with growth and even more opportunities for Boddhi in all aspects of his creative journey. Dates are already being booked for appearances across Europe, Asia, South Africa and in the US, studio time is being penciled in for tracks soon to be written and produced and the passion to keep all of this moving forward beats stronger than every within Boddhi. This journey is just starting and trust that BODDHI SATVA will be creating well into the approaching new year and all that follow after!

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