5 Fast Facts: Family of Nine, ‘Challenge’ Finalist

Believe it or Not: Things you need to know about Family of Nine, ‘Challenge’ Finalist

Facts about Family of Nine, ‘Challenge’ Finalist:

During the finale of The Challenge: Total Madness, finalist Jenny West revealed that she comes from an enormous family — nine people in total. Ahead of her run at trying to win The Challenge season 35, here’s what you need to know about her parents, sisters, and brother.

1. Jenny Has Five Sisters and a Brother

West’s parents are April and David West of Newcastle-Under-Lyme, a small market town in Staffordshire, England, which is in the northwest part of the country, about an hour southeast of Liverpool. The two married December 16, 1978, and have seven children: twins Jenny and Lucy, Anna, Isabelle, Maria, Lindsay, and Richard.

In an Instagram post of the West women in January 2018, Lucy wrote, “All the West Girls! Just missing my sister in law. Can you spot me and Jen?! Like most people, I love my family and friends… they’re super important to your well-being and help you to stay happy. It’s easy to stress and worry and put too much emphasis on things that really do not matter. What matters is the CONNECTIONS that you make in life- those moments with loved ones, cos really at the end of the day… what else could POSSIBLY be more important than special connections that you experience throughout your life?!”

In another Instagram post, Lucy writes of their mother April, “Our Mum!! 7 children/ how did she do it? She was always smiling and showered us all with so much love- she still does! Thank you Mum West!”

2. Jenny and Lucy are Fitness Models and Trainers

Jenny and Lucy, born in 1988, are twins and fitness models. In 2018, when West appeared on Survival of the Fittest, she told The Sun what she and Lucy are all about.

“My sister and I are The West Twins. We work in social media and promote a healthy and positive fitness and mental well-being state,” said Jenny.

Jenny later told The Daily Struggle, “My twin sister and I went on a twinny holiday to Greece for one week in September 2016 and at the airport bought a cheap notebook to jot down ideas for a joint Instagram account that would be based around fitness. We ended up spending the whole holiday sunbathing, training and eating, only chatting about our ideas! Things really got moving that December when we started getting content on our Instagram. We were lucky enough to get spotted by a well-known protein and clothing brand that wanted to sponsor us. The following May we went to out first Body Power expo with them as athletes, not spectators and it all just took off from there!”

In 2019, Lucy married Dean Jameson and became a stepmom to his son and daughter. On New Year’s Eve 2018, she wrote on Instagram, “Here’s to 2019 with my new family. This will be the year I’ll be marrying my soulmate and these two will be stuck with me forever! Wishing you all good times and happiness with your loved ones this New Year.”

3. Jenny’s Other Sisters Run The Gamut

The other four West sisters are Anna, Isabelle, Maria, and Lindsay. Anna has a daughter named Rio with whom she loves to travel. They also are big animal lovers — there are cats, dogs, and other animals all over Anna’s Instagram.

Lindsay lives in Whitley Bay, England, a beautiful town on the shore of the North Sea, with her husband and two sons.

Isabelle sings in a group called Gin Six, which is described as “fiddle and pop and old school rock” on Facebook. It looks like the West girls’ mom, April, plays guitar in the group and Isabelle plays the fiddle.

Finally, Maria is the youngest in the family, having just graduated from college in 2018. She is also dating a nice-looking young man named Alistair.

4. The West Brother Is in the Royal Air Force

Richard is the lone boy in the West sibling tribe. He works for the Royal Air Force and is married to a woman named Penelope Appleyard (“Penny”), who is a professional singer.

Penny studied vocal and operatic studies at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. She sings as part of a duo called Fair Oriana and part of a group called Apollo5. In 2019, Penny was awarded Honorary Membership of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire for “notable success in the early years since graduation.”

Fair Oriana, which is made up of Penny and fellow soprano Angela Hicks, is described on its website as “a duo that mixes their passion for early music with a hint of theatre and, in certain programmes, a dash of folk, medieval and jazz influence.”

5. Jenny Wants to Win The Challenge for Her Family

West has big plans if she wins The Challenge. She said ahead of the final competition, “This is the ultimate moment. This is what I’ve been working for. It is such a big thing. My mom and dad worked so hard bringing myself up and all my sisters and brother, there’s nine of us, and they never had spare money to spend on themselves. To have the opportunity to be able to spoil them and pay them back, that for me is the main motivator.”

She later says, “I can’t believe it. I won! Holy crap! I won! Five-hundred-thousand dollars, how am I gonna spend it? I’m going to take my mum to New Zealand for sure, I’m going to spoil my family and my friends, but most importantly, I’m going to save it because I didn’t have any money growing up.”

Indeed, Lucy alluded to that in an Instagram post in February 2019, writing, ” I’m 1 of 6 girls and I have a brother too. My house was MAD but I loved my childhood. We may never have had spare money but I had a LOT of love, a LOT of laughs, and plenty of food. Thanks mum and dad!”

The Challenge will hopefully return in 2021 with its 36th season; TV production is on hold right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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