5 Fast Facts: Carli Mauer, Garrett Miller’s Ex-Fling on Siesta Key

Believe it or Not: Things you need to know about Carli Mauer, Garrett Miller’s Ex-Fling on Siesta Key.

Facts about Carli Mauer, Garrett Miller’s Ex-Fling on Siesta Key:

Carli Mauer is the young model and college student who made her debut on MTV’s Siesta Key during season three. Mauer was introduced in the 14th episode as one of Garrett Miller’s personal training clients. In the narration, she was also described as someone Miller had “hooked up with on and off in the past.”

MTV teased ahead of the upcoming episode, premiering on August 4, that Mauer’s presence would be part of the storyline. Miller’s girlfriend, castmate Kelsey Owens, will find out that Miller is still training an “ex-fling.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kelsey Owens Confronted Carli Mauer at a Halloween Party to Demand She Stop Flirting With Garrett Miller

Mauer’s debut appearance on Siesta Key coincided with a Halloween party in which several exes were in attendance, such as Juliette Porter’s former flame Robby Hayes and Madisson Hausburg’s ex Ben Riney.

Mauer walked into the party wearing what appeared to be a Playboy bunny costume. In the clip embedded above, Miller noticed Mauer when she arrived and commented to his friends, “Damn, she walked in like a bolt of lightning.” Once Mauer found Miller, she gave him a big hug and Miller kept his arm around her shoulders as girlfriend Kelsey Owens looked on with a disapproving look on her face. Porter, who provides the narration, remarked in the voiceover, “Garrett just gave Kelsey a key to his apartment. So why is he acting like he’s about to go home with Carli?”

Later on the episode, Owens confronted Miller and accused him of flirting with Mauer. Miller admitted that he had a history with Mauer but insisted that any romance had taken place before he and Owens had gotten back together. He also denied flirting with Mauer at the bar.

Owens, Porter and Chloe Trautman then decided to approach Mauer about the situation. When asked how she knew Miller, Mauer responded that they had met through Instagram. She also confirmed that she and Miller had had sex in the past. Owens then accused Mauer of openly flirting with Miller. Mauer replied, “I mean, you should talk to him about that. He’s acting like you don’t even matter.” The confrontation escalated and Trautman even threw her drink on Mauer, who retaliated by shoving Trautman.

2. Mauer Shared a Flirty Photo With Miller in January

Mauer’s Instagram page suggests that her flirtation with Miller continued after the Halloween party in 2019. She posted a photo of herself kissing Miller on the cheek on January 11 and tagged him in the picture. As of this writing, the caption includes a smiling emoji with hearts for eyes. But according to Life & Style magazine, Mauer originally captioned the photo, “After workout drinks with the sexiest trainer.”

Mauer and Miller also attended an event together in early February for Forge Supplements. She posted a photo of the two of them posing on the red carpet. Miller is an ambassador for the company.

3. Mauer Is a Student at the University of Central Florida

Mauer is a college student at the University of Florida. She may have been inspired to attend UCF because of a family connection. According to her Instagram profile, Mauer’s older sister graduated from UCF in 2013.

Mauer is a member of the Kappa Delta sorority. She has also been featured in the college lifestyle website Coed. Mauer was named as the “COED Girl Of The Day” on May 21.

4. Mauer Has Modeled For Several Retailers, Including a Bikini Company

When she isn’t in class, Mauer spends her time modeling.

She is an Instagram model and has posed for retailers such as Drunk MillionaireFashion Nova and the bathing suit company Boutine Los Angeles.

Mauer also posed for a company called Ignite, which sells CBD and THC products in addition to apparel.

5. Mauer Lists Cleveland as Her Hometown & Was a High School Cheerleader

Mauer is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, according to her Facebook page. But she grew up in Orlando, Florida. Property records for Orange County show that her parents purchased their home in Orlando in 2002, when Mauer was a toddler. (Mauer was born in May 1999).

Mauer was a competitive high school cheerleader. Her Instagram account includes a photo from February 2014, in which she is kissing a large trophy. She wrote in the caption “FIRST IN THE NATION BABY” and included the caption “proved them all wrong.”

Mauer was also crowned homecoming queen during her senior year. She shared a picture of her and the homecoming king hugging on the football field.

Mauer graduated from high school in 2017.


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