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The Christian and his conviction

The Christian and his conviction

Conviction might be explained as a stable or secured faith. Conviction can be defined as the act of agreeing and having boldness that a thing is fact. It means a strong persuasion or belief. Conviction is opposed to doubt and skepticism.

Abraham was our spiritual father. From the stand point of faith, he was certainly the epitome of a man of Biblical convictions as the books of Genesis and Romans demonstrate. When all odds were against him, he tenaciously held onto the promise of God. His conviction definitely impacted the way he lived, what he did, and where he went. Are you a man or a woman of convictions? It is good to be one.

How men or women of convictions live – People who lived by conviction or belief derived from the scriptures demonstrate a strong commitment to the word of God . By commitment to the scripture, we mean:

  • Recognition of scripture as inspired and thus inerrant and the final word of God.
  • Commitment to the scripture as our standard for thinking.
  • Commitment according to the Good Book simply means being devoted and dedicated to distinction in its study, use and application.

We must use the Holy Book to leak all things that passes through our hearts so we can bring every opinion captive to the standard of the scripture.

God told Joshua to be committed to the scripture so he could be a successful man.

Conviction: a measure of our spiritual growth – Your conviction includes your worth, dedications and inspirations. For example, when you were young as a Christian, you simply do things the way you see others do it. You attend Bible Study, pray and attend other services. But when you grow should gradually build up your own purposes behind doing what you do. Those reasons become beliefs.

Biblical convictions are important for our growth, maturity and upbringing spiritually. A person with the absence of firm belief is at the mercy of what surrounds him. The Church must impact knowledge on biblical strong belief to counter the common qualities that christian are continually presented to. An old cliché sums it up, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

Jesus’ life was ruled by His strong belief that He came to this world to fulfill the Father’s will. This result to strong realization of His life’s reason that retain Him from being preoccupied by the discussion of others. Study everytime Jesus utilized the expression “I must … ” to pick up understanding into the belief He carry. When people develop a sense of purpose in life they will be ready to live by their convictions.

Paul also lived by his convictions – Before his conversion to Christianity, Saul, as he was being called then, had no conviction about Jesus. He, therefore, became a persecutor of those who believed in Jesus. But while he was going to Damascus to persecute the Christians in that city, Jesus appeared to him and Paul was eventually converted to Christ and Christianity.

When he was being questioned by King Agrippa about his new found faith, he concluded by saying “so then, King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the vision from heaven”. And because of his convictions, he lived all his remaining life for Jesus by preaching Him to everybody.

How convinced are you? How deep is your belief? How much are you living a life of conviction as a Christian?

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