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major objectives of a church

major objectives of a church

The work of the ministry is sacred . Its sacredness sometimes beclouds some ministers and members from understanding what they are doing. This stems largely from the fact that a lot of the operators enter the ministry high on professional skills and low on character. Some others offer to serve not purely for the love of the ministry but for the money or power that accrues therefrom. Their purpose: to glorify self and not God.

The work of the Church can become terribly complex and confusing. If mishandled, which often is the case, either the pastor or member gets hurt. While the ministry should be handled with respect, it shouldn’t be handled covertly, because sacredness is not to be confused with secrecy. The ministry should be open and above board. Our initial reason in everything we engage ourselves into in the work of God should be to give God the glory.

How to effectively do this is the focus of this study and the next one. Basically, the church exists to kit its members in the area of worship, instruction, fellowship and evangelism. The last two will be examined in this study.

The value of fellowship The early church devoted itself to fellowship. The Greek word koinnonia, with the root koinos, has the idea of something being held “in common.” The Jerusalem Church not only had things in common, they were together.Acknowledging other christians as our brothers and sisters in the Lord, the believers that reside in Jerusalem distributed everything they owned so as to collect the gift of God. It is not easy particularly when we have enough riches and fortune, to disconnect ourselves from each other, we taking care of our own problems only, we taking pleasure in our small portion of this earth. But being included in the spiritual family of God, it is our duty to assist each other in all possible ways. The family of God give best result when the people there are united

Failing to attend the believer’s association mean we accept defeat in giving support and assistance to other believers. we assemble to contribute and share our belief and to make each other stronger in Christ. As the ‘Day’ when Christ is coming back is getting nearer, we shall encounter most spiritual disturbance and even period of getting persecuted. Anti-Christ agents (666) will become more powerful. Struggles must not be the reason for not attending services in the church.

The disciples demonstrated true Christian living by developing a vertical relationship with God and a horizontal relationship with others.

Their lifestyle summed up the 10 Commandments. The result was a warm, honest, open, healing and redeeming relationship or fellowship (koinonia) based on a common life together in Christ. They pursued the fellowship of Christ and the Holy Ghost between and among themselves. The observable love and fellowship among them earned them the tag ‘Christians’ in Antioch.

Many come to fellowship in deceit, putting out its flickering light. God knew the damage deceit would have caused the Jerusalem church; hence He killed Ananias and Sapphira. That made God’s awesome fear to envelop the Church. The lesson: don’t wait to be made another Ananias of our time. Repent now.

Unlike us, the disciples looked forward to fellowshipping, and expressed gladness for an invitation to one. It’s a shame that we are more comfortable with our computer games, African magic and the web than being in God’s presence. The empty seats in our Sunday school and mid-week services show how serious we are as Christians.

Now is the time for the church to stand in humility, awe and fear before a holy God. We should all be concerned for the purity of the church, disciplining members, teachers and leaders not loyal to the Biblical faith.

Evangelism The early church demonstrated its concern by reaching out to others. The people expressed the gospel in both word and deed – through missions, evangelism, and by sharing their lives and possessions with the needy. The disciples’ righteous influence and witness effectively cut across the city as a natural overflow of their life together and outflow of Jesus’ ministry through them by the Spirit.

Consequently, new converts were added to the church daily. The disciples were grounded in the `Word; hence they were able to brave the persecution of their day. They held their fort wherever they went – Philip in Samaria, and others in Antioch. It is ironical today that we live oblivious of the doom awaiting our unsaved neighbours, friends, co-workers and even our family members.

Brethren, we must be alive to our responsibility by reaching sinners with the gospel wherever they are at beer parlours, pepper soup joints, market/work places to escape condemnation.

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