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Cankerworm in the Church

Cankerworm in the Church

It is ironical that some people have crept into the churches of God today without any vision for the kingdom of God, let alone the progress of the work of God.  Their presence in the church is a problem to both leaders and followers. They are there unnoticed but eating up the body of Christ. They  are cankerworms.

But the truth is that if no one knows them, the Lord, the owner of the church, knows them. And very soon God will expose and disgrace them. It is, therefore, important for each member of the body of Christ to examine him/herself and know who he or she is.

It is the duty of every believer to beware to escape the operations of the cankerworm. But the judgement of God is awaiting this category of people. If you are one of them, repent today to receive the mercy of God.

Characteristics of the cankerwormBy their fruits, we shall know them. Their lifestyles reveal who they are. But God will not leave His people in darkness.

These canker worms murmur against God and constituted authorities, possess revolting and rebellious hearts, indulge in sins, and without showing any remorse. They do evil, even openly; they disobey clear biblical instructions of God. They are busy bodies and tale bearers in the house of God, they are the custodian of wrong doctrines and overthrow people’s faith. Run away from them.

The cankerworm of old Some people lent themselves to be used of the devil in the Bible as cankerworms in the church. The devil still employs the same methods today to perpetrate evil in the church. Such methods include:

  • Using deceit to stir rebellion against God
  • Murmuring against God when life is not so rosy
  • Rebelling against church leadership
  • Profaning the sacrifice in the temple
  • Coveting what God forbids
  • Deception in the church
  • Blaspheming the gospel

Consider the lives of these people and learn from them. Satan himself, that old serpent, is the chief cankerworm, the destroyer of good things. Every other cankerworm is thus an offspring of Satan and his messenger.

Evils of cankerworms in the church – The havoc that the cankerworms cause in the church of God cannot be exaggerated. They are the obstacles to the growth of the church; they hinder the move of God. They hinder the prayers of the saints. They cause the fall of many in the church.

But their end is destruction if they refuse to repent. As many as lived a cankerworm life in the Bible had their rewards. God will soon penalize other cankerworms in His church. You must not be a cankerworm. Be warned.

Take heed to yourself – Let every child of God take heed to him/herself lest (s)he’s deceived by the doctrines and deceits of the devil. The cankerworms are in the church, but beware of them. Prepare your mind to abide by the truth. With prayers and the word of God in you, you shall not be a victim of the cankerworms.

Cankerworms abound in our churches today. While they may profess to be children of God, their lives shall reveal them. It is dangerous to be a cankerworm because the end is always bitter. Let all who are involved repent and be converted to avoid being ashamed at the end.

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