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Bringing Water from the rock

Water from the rock

just right when Moses succeeded in escorting the people from Egypt, he told twelve(12) secret agents to take a look at the Promised Land to see what they are against. There was nothing bad in such move. It would have helped them plan how to overrun Canaan, but the 10-man report depressed the people.   They lost their faith in the Lord and failed to take the land. Their faithlessness incurred God’s wrath. God gave them their hearts to wander about in the desert for forty years, until the older generation died off. He would then take the new generation into the land.  Around thirty-eight(38) years after, nearly the time for that promise to come to pass, a new set of people (generation) had grown.

When the Israelites got to the desert of Zin, and they made camp in Kadesh, where there was nothing like water for the community, the people assembled in opposite of Moses along side with Aaron, grumbling, what is the reason you took us out from Egypt to this desert, just to destroy us and the animals? Why did you take us out of Egypt to this dangerous place? Like the Israelites, we often forget God’s past goodness to us; we also murmur and complain about what God is yet to do.

What next when it is hard? – Moses and Aaron went from the gathering to the door step of the Tent of meeting and fell on the ground with face down, and the glory of the Lord came to them. The Lord told Moses to assemble the people and speak to that rock before their eyes and it would pour out its water for the community, so they and their livestock could drink.

Moses disobeys God – Moses gathered the people together alright, but rather than speak to the rock, he struck it twice. ‘Hear this you ungrateful people, must we fetch you water from this rock? Then Moses raised his arm and hit the rock twice with his rod, water then rushed out and the people and their livestock drank to their satisfaction.’ Moses and Aaron could not get into the Promised Land due to their poor handling of Israelites’ negative reactions in tough times.

Always remember that life is ten percent of what happened to you, the rest ninety prevent is how you react to what happens. Watch how you react in tough times.

God penalises Moses, Aaron for their lapses – But the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “Because you did not trust in me enough to honour me as holy in the presence of the Israelites, you will not take this people into the promised land I have bestowed to them”.

Aaron died at Mount Hor for his rebellions. While on Mount Sinai with God for 40days, Aaron agreed to build a bull god for the people. He also teamed up with Miriam, his sister, to criticise Moses. Moses, despite several intercessions, also died on Mount Pisgah.

We too must expect God’s discipline when we disobey Him. When you experience the sting of God’s discipline, act like Moses, don’t turn away in anger, embarrassment or resentment; instead, turn to God with love, openness, and a desire to do better.

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