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Day: June 9, 2020

No Matter How Life Is ‘just Always Smile No One Cares About How You Feeling No One Care When You Are Said So While Should You Always Be Said When No One Will Ask You What Happen? What Is The Reason About You Said Face, Well You Are Human, Sometimes When Things Don’t Seem To Work In The Right Way You Feel Like Give Up Many Don’t Ask You What Is Happening? Why Making That Said Face It Will Only Lead You To Thinking Keeping Your Face Said Is The Worst Thing Ever So No One Care About How We Feel Nevertheless, Don’t Feel Bad One Thing You Need To Understand Is Being Said And Thinking A Lot Is Not Good For You ‘neither Me Over Thinking Could Let To A Problem Which Sometime We Can’t Resist It Here I Am Sometimes I Over Think, Many Thing Just Bosting On My Head When I Meet People I Don’t   My Face Like Somehow, In That You Can Relate Who Like You And Who Don’t Like You, Don’t Forget When You Are Said Some Around You Are Happy Because Of That But When You Always Smile Some Would Be, Why Is The Person Smiling ‘and True That Many Might Be Wondering Maybe Good Things Come To Your Way But Truly Deep Inside You. You Are Said, I Know This Writing Look Somehow But The Truth Is No Matter What Happen No Matter How Bad You Feel Just Remember To Always Smile Because If You Are Making That Said Face Bet Me No Read more…

June 2020
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